giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

SOS Tunisia: Refugees threatened and discriminated because of their Christian faith.

SOS Tunisia: Asylum seekers and refugees threatened and discriminated against because of their Christian faith.

Dozens of refugees in these hours are refugees at UNHCR headquarters in Jarjis, came to ask for help, because Medenine where they were placed, no longer able to live because of the strong discrimination also attacks and insults, because they are Christians .
I just talk with one of the refugees, who is in the sit-in in front of Zarzis UNHCR. He says they are 27 people to be there of which 6 are women and one child. They are among the boat-people who arrived in September in Zarzis and that were living in the Zarzis House for Youth and then transfered to Megrine under mandate of the red crescent for local integration programs. 
It is almost confirmed that all of them are now recognized refugees under UNHCR status but that none is in process for resettlement. 
They complain, as a matter of fact, about mistreatments because of their faith in work and studies. Some of them were studying in BenGuerdane and Gabes but had to leave school because of discrimination. 
I was suprisesd as they told me "we want to go to Shusha, becasue we want to be treated as refugees and not live in society". On my intterpretation the constate of the failure of local integration programs with people that do not want and cannot live here. 
I appeal to the UNHCR, don't expose to risks and hazards to the life of these people, it is not acceptable that operators ask, that the refugees return to live in the locality of Médenine, where for long time, the refugees complain of discrimination and physical and verbal attacks.
UNHCR should ensure effective protection, should not be exposed to any risk or condition of life affecting their right to a dignified life.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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