mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

The deafening silence in front of the plight of Eritrean refugees in Sinai

19.05 hours, I could talk to the hostages in the Sinai, with two of the many groups of hostages in the hands of gangs of traffickers who are now masters of the desert and cities in the Sinai. The people with whom I spoke are 32 in the first group were 39 in September when they called me, two of them died under torture on the first death was called Medhane 09/12/2011, the second died on 3/11/2011 was called Teaghes. Other 5 were released because they paid $ 25,000 U.S. dollars each, this is the lucrative business that drives these robbers to commit every unspeakable cruelty. The second group were present in 14 persons, two weeks ago were 22 people who died Sunday 04.12.2011e a boy of 19 years because of ill-treatment and torture suffered by the traffickers, Monday 05.12.2011un another man of about 36 - 37 years, father of 6 children including a large family this last died under the blows of his captors.Women are 8 that do not make more of continuous sexual and physical violence, nearly all became pregnant due to violence, the jailers did not have no mercy even to the woman in front of the eighth month of pregnancy, forced to suffer abuse, burns of cigarettes on the breast, pouring melted plastic in the fire, fire given to hair, all this added to the sexual abuse every day.For the males are subjected to systematic torture with electric shock, pouring boiling water on the plastic skin, the whole body is full of wounds and sores that no one can heal, many of the current infection. These days they cut the finger of several hostages, all of this to force them to seek help.A devastated humanity, these people we're talking about, if they come out alive from this dramatic situation, if you do not end up under the knife to provide market organ trafficking, they reveal about how people will live with this nightmare for all of their lives.Because the powers of this world are silent in front of so serious a crime against humanity, because this silence also international bodies for the protection of human rights? Why the European Parliament is silent in the face of such horror? Because nobody puts governments in the region in front of their responsibility?We ask the European Commissioner for Human Rights, the European parliament in order to invest the parliament vote on a resolution that the Egyptian government puts in front of his responsibilities, he let the robbers take over a good part of the Sinai Peninsula, is not doing everything you need to nip this crime against humanity.And the state of Israel is not taking care enough, since there are accomplices of the traffickers in TelAviv, some relatives of the hostages, last night delivered an intermediary Arabic, thousands of U.S. dollars, hoping that their relatives be released by the traffickers,need a police action to root out those who are accomplices of the ransom money collectors, Israel, Sudan, Egypt, Dubai, Eritrea.
Fr. Mussie Zerai
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