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A year after the Pope's appeal for the release of Eritrean refugees held hostage in Sinai

Eritreans, the appeal of the Pope
05/12/2010 Sunday Angelus, Benedict XVI has raised its voice in favor of refugees from Eritrea and their companions in misfortune, still prisoners of ruthless smugglers (as he called attention to the Christians and Muslims Iraqi and Egyptian Copts for the faithful). The call and the prayer of the Pope are to break with the roar of the most authoritative word the curtain of silence that has enveloped so far rejected the story of migrants, arrested and blackmailed. The Holy Father, appearing before the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square and talking to all those who followed him by radio, television and the Internet, "in this time of Advent, when we are called to feed our expectation of the Lord and to welcome inamong us, "invited" to pray for all situations of violence, of intolerance, of suffering that we are in the world, that the coming of Jesus brings consolation, reconciliation and peace. "Benedict XVI then listed the groups that are most affected. "I think the many difficult situations, such as the continuous attacks that occur in Iraq against Christians and Muslims, the clashes in Egypt where there were dead and wounded, the victims of traffickers and criminals, as the hostage drama of Eritreans and other nationalities in the desert of Sinai. " "Respect for the rights of all - said the Pope - is a precondition for peaceful coexistence. Our prayer to the Lord and our solidarity can bring hope to those who are suffering, "Pope Ratzinger has concluded.Even this Christmas, more than 350 refugees who are seized in the hands of traffickers, Christmas will be a burden of suffering, among them there are 8 women hostages, one of which is eight months pregnant, that "home" for this will be / a creature that is about to be born. In recent months there have been many appeals, complaints, parliamentary interpellation at all levels, but the trade in human organs and continues to flourish in the region of Sinai.And scary to read the summary statistics that are made of this traffic in human beings and organs in the Sinai region alone, there is talk of almost 50 000 refugees who have crossed into Israel and Egypt, all have to get paid something. More than 10 000 have been victims of robbers who demanded a tight, about 3 000 people have disappeared into thin air, we have a serious suspicion that they have been victims of organ trafficking. There is talk of about 4 000 children from refugee camps in Sudan fuck, for the majority of Eritreans.Hundreds of refugees have died since 2005 under the bullets of the guards at the Egyptian border with Israel, Egypt, which has not been able to defend people from the hands of traffickers, but so zealous in killing them at the border to meet the insistent demand Israel to stop the refugees, no matter how or at what price.Egypt, which is not respecting the rights of asylum seekers detained in its police stations or military camps in Aswan. Egypt who did not hesitate to deport asylum seekers violates international conventions and treaties.Israel, which is building the wall, as we read these days will shortly complete the constriction of the wall, in between time Vole plan how to deport thousands of people who came to Israel in search of protection, that the Jewish state has never wanted to recognize them. 46 000 immigrants, of which about 20 000 Eritrean asylum seekers, so Sudanese who live from day to day with no protection or recognition of rights.It concludes a terrible 2011 for hundreds of thousands of refugees, nearly 2 000 deaths in the Mediterranean, also murdered in Libya, during the hunt for the Black Many hundreds of people died in the Gulf of Aden in an attempt to reach Yemen.More than 4 000 Eritreans and Ethiopians refugees trapped in the internal war in Yemen, more than 3 000 Sudanese, Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees in Tunisia in the field waiting for a country that welcomes, just as in Egypt in the field of Solum, the border with Libya.Here we come back to renew our appeal to the international community to seek solutions that will last over time, not enough palliative care in diseases of the political, economic, social afflicting the African continent, particularly the Horn of Africa. The international community and in particular the determination of African Unity has to deal with trafficking in human beings and organs.We ask all international organizations for the protection of human rights to make a lot of pressure on the AU, EU, UN because these organisms do as much pressure on the governments of Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Palestinasi Authority, Ethiopia and Eritrea to commit themselves to stop the human trafficking that involves the crossing. Fight against trafficking in organs, especially to defend unaccompanied minors who wander aimlessly in the territories of these countries, which are often the victims are more exposed to any danger.

Fr. Mussie Zerai 

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