martedì 12 aprile 2011

Inhumane act let die at sea 65 people

The boat departed from Tripoli on March 25 with 72 people, then lost tracks from the late afternoon on March 26. Have been localized to last about 60 miles from Tripoli and then nothing, we repeatedly reported their disappearance, and was told that there have not been found. Today we were contacted by 9 people lived on the tragedy, after two weeks at sea are returned to Tripoli, say they survived in 11 people, two women, 9 men, the power of the sea that led to Zelatien where soldiers Ghedafi him taken to jail, two people die in prison a boy and a girl, because they were not rescued and treated, after several days of above 7 were trasfriti lived in prison Tuweshia in Tripoli, while two were taken to hospital to Zelatien. They recount how they were abandoned for several naval vessels, including fishing vessel approached and even a helicopter provided by drink, but 63 people die leaving women and children. Inhumane act who has not seen the boat rescue, wrongful death by all those military ships that have crossed the helicopter which has also provided water but did not warrant relief. These seven people were witnesses to the tragedy, I spoke with someone who has lost his wife from hunger and thirst. Their boat was stopped because the finished fuel, the migrant who was driving the boat a man from Ghana who could not even use the GPS satellite that was on the phone, but asked for help, tried to talk with the Italian coast guard but not have understood. We demand that NATO make a full investigation of this matter, because these 63 people have been left to die? of who was the helicopter that was limited to providing water to the refugees and then not send rescue? what are the naval vessels that have seen this boat in recent days between March 25 to 30. These people died because someone decided not to rescue them. We want to know who was this choice? The survivors who are now in Tripoli with the wind were driven to the shores of Tripoli. Fr. Mussie Zerai

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