domenica 17 aprile 2011

Refugees risk deportation to Eritrea - Ethiopia Egypt

Yesterday a group of 250 people fled from Libya to Egypt, has been threatened by a high degree of Egyptian military of beingdeported to the country of origin, if, within 7 days will not be left the makeshift camp, their tents were already demolished.This has put a strong warning in the whole group. There are many women and children who need protection. The solution forthese people remains the humanitarian evacuation to third countries like Europe, the U.S. el 'Australia.
We must also act quickly on the side of Tunisia such incidents before they occur and Egyptian. In Tunisia, in fact, there aremore than 800 Ethiopian and 500 Eritrean refugees waiting to be evacuated. We must not threaten to expose the refugees toother threats to their life, or deport them, as it has threatened threatened a small group of Eritrean refugees, Ethiopians andSudanese from Egyptian authorities.
We call on UNHCR to strengthen its supervision on what is happening in the refugee camps on the border with Libya. We urgethe international community to show their solidarity for welcoming these refugees in the countries where they can getinternational protection and restore their dignity as free persons, with a future to build.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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