lunedì 4 aprile 2011

Refugees in flight from Tripoli lost at sea

These days are circulating the news of the discovery of 70 bodies in the Libyan coast. What we know based on the information we come from compatriots still in Libya these discoveries of bodies at sea so far only four people are from Eritrea or Ethiopia, the rest are of other nationalities in West Africa, between the bodies fished out at sea there are also Asian. So we have no evidence which link these bodies found with the missing for which we have launched more times per week and more appealing now. Still missing more than 400 people, started from Tripoli in two different dates, the first party the night between 22 and 23 March, a barge with 335 people of all nationalities Eritrea, the boat load of 68 persons of Eritrean and Ethiopian , which started in the evening around 22:00 pm March 25 on Saturday launched the call for help, who said "to be hungry and thirsty with little fuel was running out." Their situation was reported in the Italian Coast Guard, which thanks to the presence on board the boat's satellite phone was able to locate them that were about 60 miles from Libya. What I'm wondering why I have not been helped these people? If the Italian coast guard has spread to all vessels including NATO, I do not understand that there had been prevented if they go to check the condition of the boat and rescue them? I think that NATO's mission in the Mediterranean at this time and a humanitarian mission and save lives fleeing war and persecution as these desperate refugees should be part of this mission. It's been nine days since the last contact with this boat so far no news. Yesterday we reported another boat load of 400 people departed from Tripoli, we have already indicated to the Italian coast guard, we hope that you pay the maximum attention it deserves these lives. Fr. Mussie Zerai

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