venerdì 15 aprile 2011

The plight of the hostages Eritreans in the Sinai

At 12.45 This morning I received the latest update. The group with whom I spoke is composed of 24 persons including 3 children, 2 of which pregnant women. I was told that, in recent days, two boys were killed under the eyes of everyone from torture with electricity discharge. Two other people were taken away and no one knows what happened to.
The refugees say that traffickers have stopped beating them with sticks now routinely use torture with electricity, are not spared from this torture even the children of 11, 13 and 14 years. I spoke personally with a 11 year old boy who was crying: it's a terrible thing just hearing the voice of a small boy in slavery and forced to endure such inhumane treatment. The boy told me, between sobs and another who is afraid. "This evening I am in agony, have already prepared all the material before us, it is a water tank, electrical wiring and a generator of electricity, " said the boy, "First we bind the threads of current, then bathe it with water and turn on the power. So they are dead in two the other day. "
The woman pregnant, I was told, was taken away by the head of the traffickers to be his servant in his house, and we have no news about his condition.
I wonder when will it all end? The European Community and the UN should make pressure on the Egyptian government, Israel and the Palestinian Authority to put an end to this cruelty against defenseless refugees fleeing from their countries.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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