lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Libya: Request to the National Transitional Council

From March 22, 2011, have disappeared into thin air 335 adults and children (we do not knowthe exact number) of displaced Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalis. The initial reportsgave them departing from the port of Zarzis or Tripoli, then nothing. Fifteen days later, there were reports that spoke of the discovery of corpses riddled with bullets dafuoco, then againsix months a long silence. Now we want to knowthe truth about what really happened to those people who have been groped the first to leaveLibya in revolt against the regime. We ask on behalf of all the family the truth about facts or the tragedy that they did disappear into thin airalmost 400 people. The Libyan authorities to help us shed light on this tragedy, which has many obscure points, those responsible for that trip in the middle of the crossfire in Libya are still free, while hundreds of families still get frustrated because they do not know what hashit its son, husband, wife and grandchildren.
We appeal to anyone who can help to clarifythis matter, the media present in Libya if we canhelp gather evidence of someone who knowssomething about this tragedy, all aid workers inLibya can make their contribution to achieve atruth, hoping that the Libyan authorities are willing to work together to shed light on this tragedy that has affected hundreds of familiesand dozens of Eritrean Ethiopian and Somalifamilies.
The refugee families having sex for six monthswaiting for an answer, where are these 335 people with many children on board? What hashappened to them? While they shot them, who is responsible for this crime? And why? We want real answers and justice

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