martedì 21 febbraio 2012

Eritrean Boy escaped from the traffickers in Sinai

In the early afternoon of yesterday, I had a call with an Eritrean guy who has escaped from the hands of his kidnappers in the area of Rafah in the Sinai Mahadya, in Egipt. the leader of the smugglers who is called Abu Yasir Sunya, well known from local authorities, but inexplicably untouchable. This person has put a bounty of $ 50.000 on the head of the guy i met yesterday, who was able to run because that Eritrean refugees fleeing is a witness of trafficking of organs, the guy told me a have seen four of his companions being killed, and the traffickers have shown in plastic bags different parts of organs. The boy says, the group of hostages consisted at first of 27 persons including five women and one child, after that, he sais they have been divided into three groups and sold to other kidnappers, and his group of five, of wich four have died remained in the hands of the boss Than, he, the only survivor was ordered to carry water for a greater group of 120 hostages, job that gave him the possibility to escape, taking with him one of the cellphones that the kidnappers used to call the families of the refugees. Now, it is a Race Against Time for saving this guy, before the killers of the gang of this chief Yasir Abu Sunya find him and kill him. The Egyptian government does not move a finger until now at least you could save the life of this guy, getting to pinpoint the hideout and capture all the traffickers, and to free the hundreds of refugees who are in chains, under every atrocity and torture . The UN should use blue helmets who are on the local field to rescue that people and save their lifes. it's no longer the time of silence! don't hide behind the realpolitik and diplomatic contacts, we must act to ensure security for the many human lives passing in the area of the Sinai for several reasons. Abba Mussie Zerai

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