mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

Urgent Request for Help Eritrean refugees from Djibouti

I received just hours ago a distress call from 315 closed Eritrean refugees in three campsin DjiboutiLately the conditions of stay and treatment is getting worsenewcomers are 52all soldiers who have deserted that now find themselves trapped in a single cellin adesperate conditionAll 315 are former soldiers who have desertedincluding 5 women,some of these women were detained in the gendarmerie, where is the questionswe do not know what methods they use in these casesthe fact is that the refugees complain ofthe absence health careamong other things there in the field of TB epidemic risk,because there are already three sick people are not receiving the care. Now the refugeesTemenus are all locked up in cells as small as is happening for the 52 Eritrean refugees,where the there is a risk of contagion of communicable diseases via breathin a space so small you risk a dangerous contagion.
These people are all richiedentei political asylumthe UNHCR is aware of their situation,but what now being taken to find a solutionAt least on their condition of stay in a refugee camp without risking their livesbecause of diseases.
We ask the government of Djibouti, respect 
Geneva Conventione  1951, and we call onUNHCR to make every possible effort to find a solution for these asylum seekers, to ensure adequate protection, not the prison where they are today.
We also know that there are prigioniari of war in other detention centerswe ask that the Red Cross inetrnazionale intervene to check their condition and find a solution to this caseFr. Mussie Zerai

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