martedì 7 febbraio 2012

Open letter to the Consul General of Italy in Tripoli

Dear Dr. Pierluigi D'ELIA, Consul General of Italy in Tripoli 
I am writing to ask for help. It is 335 Eritrean refugees, Ethiopians, Sudanese, plus a dozen children who were left on 22.03.2011 from Tripoli, now that everything is known about what happened to them? In the days after their departure there was talk that maybe their boat was hit by soldiers who do not know if they are military or NATO anti-government forces that were fighting against the Gaddafi regime, or even if it were the military Gaddafi to hit the same boat collision with almost 400 people. 

We understand that those who organized the trip in cooperation with the officers of the Gaddafi regime are two Eritreans who are still in Libya: their names Abdel Razaq 17390925 this was his phone, his accomplice who calls Mitu 18633755These two people are responsible for organizing the trip and what happened to these people. 

90% of people who have had a collision of Eritrean nationality, entire families have disappeared into thin air. Now their families want to know what happens? what happened to their loved ones? I asked if she could please do a search to Tripoli in Libya, the families, who continue to chiderci help. Please help us to clarify this matter, to respond to families is to put a full stop to all this tragic story. Thank you in advance for what you can do to shed light on this tragedy that has affected hundreds of families in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Fr. Mussie Zerai 

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