martedì 14 febbraio 2012

On whom will fall the blood of the Innocents?

In recent days, was killed by smugglers in Sinai, a young 29 year old Eritrean Adikelom native village, the robbers demanded $ 25 000 to release him, since he could not pay, initially he was shot in the legs, leaving him bleed for days, but He had these 25 000, the companions testified that he suffered any kind of torture, in the end they decided to kill him with a blow to his head. They are still in terrible condition hundreds of refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia and some Sudanese in Darfur fleeing reprisals of the Khartoum regime.
The world seems numb in front of all this, the international community seems to forget its responsibility to protect the rights and dignity. Intervene in the case that the states in whose territory they considered atrocities committed crimes against humanity, and they do nothing to protect victims, restore legality in that territory is the responsibility of the international community to intervene and enforce the natural right universally recognized in every human right to life and a life free. Today we are witnessing in the Sinai these rights are denied to hundreds of human beings are enslaved for purposes of trade in organs.Money goes to fund other criminal acts.For over a year we make appeals to the Egyptian government initially denied the existence of these groups of criminals, today does not deny this anymore, but is not even the minimum for combating trafficking in human beings and organs. Faced with the total irresponsibility of a government in whose territory the year you make the most abominable atrocities, the rest of the international community can not and must not remain silent in denouncing the failures and breaches of international agreements against trafficking in human beings and conventions that protect human rights and refugee rights. The international community can not and must not hide behind national sovereignty than when the government of that nation does not intend to stop the crimes against humanity that are perpetrated in its territory.We call for decisive action by the international community to stop this tragedy that has lasted for years, remember that there are more than 3 000 people were killed, more than 50 000 victims of trafficking, which has more than 10 000 victims of violence and torture in the Sinai.
Fr. Mussie Zerai 

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