lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Eritrean refugees Hostages of series B in the Sinai - Egypt

This evening I received a call of a woman desperate mother of a girl of three months, sequestered from the first month in Sudan, then sold in the Sinai, is now under threat of seeing his daughter sold to who knows who, she said "I have separated from my daughter asking me to pay 20 thousand dollars. " In all this, we have witnessed in recent days, other abductions of American tourists and a libration flash, so for Chinese workers who were kidnapped in the northern Sinai, later released due to a military intervention in Egypt.

Then there is a doubt when we asked for and ask for more than a year, an Egyptian military intervention to free the hundreds of refugees who are in the hands of robbers, with all the crime against humanity that are being made in Egyptian territory, crimes traffic such as organs of those refugees who could not pay.

What prevents the Egyptian police and military to take measures similar to what they have done to free the American tourists and Chinese workers. Because these two weights and two measures, states that more than anyone should defend the most vulnerable, more vulnerable children as women in more refugees, ie persons fleeing conditions of life that was deprived of his dignity, persons seeking protection, freedom and dignity.

The Egypt of today are stain of crime and blood of innocents, in contradiction to the Biblical image of Egypt that gave refuge to the baby Jesus when persecuted by Herod, who made that the massacre of the innocents, the Holy Family through the Sinai to seek shelter, just today the Sinai has become hell for thousands of refugees fleeing war and persecution in Egypt today is perpetrating the massacre of the innocents, hundreds of people fleeing from marauders shredded taken to sell their bodies, this horrible trade under the indifferent eyes of the rulers of these countries, Sudan and Egypt.

An Appeal to the Egyptian government to discriminate between hostages, to engage with the utmost rigor to free all hostages still in the hands of robbers in the Sinai and eradicate this abhorrent trade in organs and human beings.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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