lunedì 15 giugno 2009

you know the problems of Eritrean people?

Debesay (1:18): Guys, I send to you my grateful, honour and spiritual greetings. Sometimes normally I like to send small...small messages for understanding things. So this is my question, you know the problems of Eritrean people? You think about the matter? Somebody says: isaias is the matter of, if the matter of Eritreans is isaias and isaias also has a matter of knowledge! If the above is correct. This is also correct; the matter of feeding is not luck of food: it is a matter of hard work... Even if you recognize my proverb, the matter of the first case is luck of hard work. So Eritreans please come up working together. Because sometimes things become hard, if you think simple become simple. GOD bless you Eritreans! Mussie: Hello, thanks for your message, we all know what the problem of Eritrea. 1. The lack of freedom 2nd The absence of democracy and free elections. 3rd The Constitution includes the rights and duties of citizens Eritreans 4th One Justice free from political power 5th A free press from any of the Executive interfernze 6. A limit to military service 7th A right to conscientious objection for those who do not want to do military service, which can be impigata civil service. 8th Investing in youth training, development of a country, not to close universities as Isaias 9th Choose a project compatible with our people, not the Chinese communism 50 years ago. would be much better socialism of the Scandinavian countries. Isaias Afewerki and then one of the many obstacles for us in the country, but not the only one. Changing the class direct current military tropes popt does not go well, there can be a democracy in a country ruled by the military. Eritreans in the world must be consistent in asking the final solution to the border issue with Ethiopia, this problem is one of the obstacles for the country, an excuse for those who want to stay long in power. I think over the situation in Eritrea today.

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