mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Lettera dai Profughi Eritrei in Libia

Dear Sir, For long time it has to be recalled that you both mr. stefano and Abba Mussie have been working to help Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers. Especially in Libya your involvement was quite remarkabl and sincer. Today I would like to raise a particular issue the Sebha case. It was still in our memories that in July 2010 more thn 245 Eritrean asylum seekers had been tortured and exposed to harsh prison condition in Albirak in the southern sahara of the country. At that time Italy and Libay signed a dirty deal to end the severe acusation they faced from the international community. We were released on the promise that Libya would provide us the necessary protection, very ridiculous, a country that openly denies that there are no refugees and asylum seekers in its soil and went further to close the UNHCR office saying it is illegal. None of the promises made by Libya to Eritrean asylum seekers detained in Albirak were carried out. Libya do not have a system to deal with refugee and asylum seekers. in the absence of such procedure how one could expect to find a sustainable solution to genuine asylum seekers. Some of the sebah detainees were forced to leave the country and went to Israel and are now taken as hostage by human traffickers in siena Egypt.; exposed to severe condition that will led to permanent physical and psychological trauma. Hence, on the basis of the above premises, I on behalf of the Eritrean asylum seekers detained in Albirak, would like to bring the case of the Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers to the floor and you as usuall, due to the advantage of resources and rapport you have, to try to bring the case to the attention of the Italy and EU countries for sustinable solution to our suffering. These are photos taken on albirak detention center when Eritrean refugees and sylum seekers were subjected to torture and forced deportation.

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