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Planned Meetings Before The Caravan Festival in June 4-6. 2010 in Jena

Planned Meetings Before The Caravan Festival in June 4-6. 2010 in Jena The Caravan Festival 2010 "Remembering the dead of Fortress Europe - Unite against colonial injustice" Hamburg, Berlin, Erfurt, Freiburg, Wuppertal, Jena and Frankfurt Meeting on the participation and support for the preparation of the Caravan Festival. In Jena from the 4th to 6th of June 2010 we are organizing a festival of African masquerade parade, concerts and cultural artivities - as well as artistic events planned on the caravan call for the rights of refugees and migrants in Europe. Africa is not far from us – Unite Against Colonial Injustice It is recommended to read the input text in advance - Link: >> Translation from from English into Franch + German + Türkce + Farsi + Espagnol Save Lives: - Protest against the brutality and deaths of the refugees and migrants by the EU - Frontex and the barbaric policies of Fortress Europe. There will be blocks of African Masquarede dancers and Music Parade (during the Festival) - African Masquerades are divine arts and performance during special traditional festivals which in west and central Africa are also celebrated to seek for protection and solidarity in case of disasters. In addition, we will hold a symbolic "funeral" in memory of all the refugees and migrants who died in the sea and at the borders of Europe, and those persecuted, criminalized, deported and brutalized by the police and the fortress Europe policies: the victims of the consequences of national and international injustice in Germany and death in the fortress within Europe. At the festival weekend in Jena decentralized cultural, political and artistic activities will take place on the subject. We will not allow any of the victims to have died without a trace. Remembering also the horrors that our families have endured and conscious of the fact the more will die, we will reveal a “monument” during the festival in Jena for all victims of Frontex and the barbaric policies of Fortress Europe The goal of the festival is to remind us of all the victims of Fortress Europe: - Also the problems of countries outside Africa and the victims of war must not be forgotten; - European participants should show at the festival that they recognize Europe’s responsibility for colonial injustice and to fight against the injustice - We are here because you destroy our countries! Stop the deaths and the persecutions of refugees and migrants in Germany - Europe. DECEMBER 2009: Hamburg Nationwide meeting 5-6.12.09 in hamburg NoBorderCamp Lesvos 09 Info Presention by Hagen and Marion Berlin - Kreuzberg *09. Dezember 2009 | *17:30 – 19:15 Uhr *@NIGERIA HOUSE* *Oranienstr. 159 *19:30 - 21:30 Uhr *@RAUCHAUS + VOKÜ* *Mariannen platz 1A *Diskussion mit: * Osaren Igbinoba, The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena * Therese Koppe – Mitglied des Vorbereitungskreises zum Karawane-Festival 2010 in Jena Freiburg 18.12.2009 um 20.00Uhr Aktion Bleiberecht Freiburg in KTS - Basler Straße 103 Wuppertal * 21. Dezember 2009 This first nationwide preparatory meeting will take place in Jena on the Saturday, 23rd and Sunday, 24th of January 2010. Jena * 16. December 2010. Every second Wednesday in two weeks, 5 Schillergäschen Jena Frankfurt 09. February 2010 Unions house in Frankfurt Für mehr Information: E-mail: NOVEMBER 2009 Halle/Saale *28-29. November 2009 | Bundesweiten Karawane-Treffen Hamburg *über koloniales Unrecht in Deutschland* *Vortrag und Diskussion * *Do. 19. November 2009 Beginn 19°° Uhr* 5° International Reports in Hamburg - Opening Event with Osaren Igbinoba of The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena Bremen: 18 November 2009. Karawane Bremen, Paradox, Bernhard Strasse 10-12. Time: 20.00Hours. "Input Text Unite Colonial Injustice in Germany": English + Französisch + Deutsch + Türkce + Farsi + Espagnol ( ) German: The VOICE Network on Colonial Injustice in Germany >>( ) ++ German: In Gedenken an all die Opfer der Festung Europa für das Karawanefestival 4.- 6. Juni 2010 in Jena The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena Adresse: Schillergässchen 5, 07745 Jena Tel. Handy 0049(0) 17624568988, Fax: 03641 / 42 02 70, E-Mail:, Internet: Gegründet: 1994, Arbeitsweise: Kampagnen,Aktionen, Vernetzung. Publikationen: E-Newsletter -- Unterstützen Sie unsere Projekte durch eine Spende: You can support our activities by donations: Förderverein The VOICE e. V., Göttingen Bank: Sparkasse Göttingen Bank Account: 127 829; Bank Code: 260 500 01 IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 000 1278 29, BIC: NOLADE21GOE

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