mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

The plight of refugees continues in the Sinai in Silence!

16/02/2011 10:15 am A short while ago, they called me from Israel, the group of 25 Eritreans who were released a week ago, which were part of the first group of which we have dealt with since November 24, 2010, they asked me to thank all those people who it has been provided for their release. Another good news that the girl was left in the hands of the trafficker was released but we do not know if she managed to enter Israel, while the girl lost the shootout lasted still has not heard from him. The second group I have also spoken with the group of 150 people where there are three children of 11 and 14 years, their situation remains grave, who is paying the highest price of suffering are the children and two women in the group. I have reported that they spent the night under torture and in particular the two women with 7 other men in a deacon and a priest Orthodox, who are abused, they told me that they broke the cross that the priest had with him, just as they snatched the Bible and a breviary for the prayer used by the two men. The third group of 40 people where there at 4 months pregnant woman with a child of 6 years, the epileptic boy of 16 years, we hope those of their imminent release, thanks to the solidarity of some people who are paying the ransom for them. So over the next two or three days will be free. In a moment of total absence of international institutions that do not pay any attention to the plight of refugees, we hope that the military junta currently in power in Egypt can do something to combat trafficking in human beings. I know for a fact that not all the animals in the Sinai Bedouin tolerate this situation of kidnapping, who among us the Bedouin tribes of Sinai try to oppose the spread of this human trafficking, but if you do not have the institutional support of Egypt and Israel alone can do little. Israeli Bedouin tribes are also involved in the trafficking of humans, emerging evidence from several Israeli citizens involved in trafficking at the border between Egypt and Israel. So we are asking the EU to put pressure on the transitional government of Egypt and Israel to address the serious problem of trafficking in human beings. Free the refugees as hostages, and welcome them respecting their status as asylum seekers and refugees. Fr. Mussie Zerai

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