venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

Sitation in Egypt

Dear All Certainly you might be following the unfolding events in Egypt for more than two weeks now. however the situation is getting worse every day since the demands of the protesters are not met and the country is heading towards unknown. Just to brief the situation of our people maily the Refugees from sudan and eritrea which I am directly involved with in pastoraland educational areas. they are totally unsafe and feel intimidated and threatened due to the nostalgia instigated against foreigners by the regim. Again the UNHCR which was supposed to protect the refugees is not doing it since the unrest begun. Therefore our people are staying at home in fear with very restricted movements. When the prisons were broken dawn quite number of eritrean prisoners escaped and still lacking protection. So I ask your prayers so that life may return to normal and thank you all who have been praying and thinking about me. Your brother Abba J. A

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