giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

Testimonianze che arrivano da Israele

1. 19 years, Eritrea, 60 days in Sinai, January 2011, released from prison February 2011 The first agreement was 3200, but they increased it to 10.000 dollar. Abdellah sold him to another smuggler. He was chained and has a scare around his enkel. He was beaten. 53 of them were chained by the traffickers. One of them was killed. 3 of his group had a fight with the smugglers and where liberated and reach to Israel with the chain on their legs. They were given a bread every 24 hours. They were beaten 23 hours, they were left only one hour, because they wanted them to pay. man of his group attacked the smugglers and forced them to tell the way to the border. They were following a sign from Israel. 34 entered Israel, some of them went back, and others were caught by the Egyptian military. When the border patrol started shooting they spread. He suffered a lot and now he cannot work. He does not mind were to sleep (he was sleeping in the park for 3 days) or what to eat. But he needs to pay the 10.000 dollar back to family and relatives. He has no money, he begged Eritrians to give him some money for food.They told them to take of all their clothes, they were naked so that they felt very cold. He suffered a lot. As soon as he reached Sudan the smugglers kidnapped him.
2.Feimale 34 years old.
The first time she tried to cross she was caught, she spent 4 months in prison and then crossed again, this time succesfully. She had to pay another 2500 to cross again. The first time she was held 2 weeks in the Sinai, the second time 3 weeks. Three people were wounded during the first time, she was wounded at her leg, the other girl in the face and another was shot in the leg, she lost het leg. (27, women, Eritrea, 5 days held in sinai, 2200 dollar, she came via Sudan and Egypt, august 2010, released septmber 2010) He was kidnapped between the smugglers. In egypt two groups of smugglers fought with gun and they were kidnapped. One was wounded. He was chained by the smugglers.Because he did not payed immedeatly he was chained with 12 persons. Some of them did not arrive in Israel yet, he thinks they are still chained. (Male, 26, 7 days in Sinai, 3000 dollar, from Eritrea, Sudan Egypt, Ethiopia, may 2010 came to Israel, released the same month) Sr. Azezet (Aziza)

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