martedì 1 marzo 2011

Eritrean Refugees Stuck in Libya Need International Assistance

Dear Sir,
It was to be recalled that Eritreans have been the victim of tyrants and oppresive regimes both inside their country and out side especially those living in Libya. In the past years Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees have been detained and mistreated under inhumane and degrading situation in Libya and the international community fails to take appropriate measure to protect these vulnerable refugees.
My dear fathers and Brothers, I have been keeping informing you from Libya the situation of Eritreans especially since July, 2010, when the Liyan authorities took 205 Eritreans asylum seekrs from misurata detention center to Sebha town to be forcibly deported back to their home country where they could obviously face torture and imprisonment that threaten their life. We were so greatfull to your dedication and sacrifice. you rescued us from being sent back to the dark regime.
Today we are witnessing history unfolding in libya. There is unrest and uprising in the country and the danger it poses to foreigners and especially to asylum seekers and refugees like Eritreans is immense. The Lucky ones are being evacuated to their countries and what about the fate of the innocent people like Eritreans Who have no where To Go?
Here I would like to stress one important point. In 2009 Libya and Italy signed a dirty friendship agreement that includes among many other thing; to forcibly return asylum seekers intercepted in the high seas to Libya that has no regard for human right. These are the very people who had escaped a deportation attempt from Libya; thanks to the intervention of the international community and unrestrained efforts of individuals.These same people are now in danger. Italy must take its international obligation to provide protection to these vulnerable Eritrean asylum seekers whom it had pushed back to Libya.
To Summarize the current Situation In Libya:
1. The message given by the Libyan leader and his son is unfair and immorral in that they try to externalize their internal problem to African refugees as being recruited to kill Libyan civilians.These has a negative impact in a society like Libya because from the begining the Libyans are very harsh to refugees and adding these message they would act in a more violent ways towars Refugees and asylum seekers.
2. In the past week more Eritrean households in Tripoli were vandalized by the Libyan and evacuted from their homes during th night. Many were stapped by knife and their personal possessions taken. Our movemnet is so restricted. Every day has its untold story.
3. Although all Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers are equally affected by the current situation and need immeidate intervention, I feel Italy has more obligation especially to those people who had been pushed back to Libya and were detained and faced deportation attempt from misurata detention center and where finally tortured and exposed to inhumane treatmet in Sebah and Al-biraq detention centers. The List of their names were sent along with photographic representation to both of you.
The last but not the least my message to the international community; we are innocent people worth of respect and dignity we need protection under humanitarian grounds. Where is our moral values and religious Obligations. Please show us mercy today and your God will repay you abundantly tomorrow.
Yours Sincerly!!

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